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What do I know anyway?

Now the last thing I want to be is a big old elitist banging on about all the videos I’ve made and that kind of thing. On the other hand it makes sense, in the context of this blog to explain who I am and what my background looks like.

And goldurdurnit I died in the non-linear wars so that you young whippersnappers could command-Z your lives away.

Part of my motivation for creating this blog is that having gone through the paradigm shift between tape-to-tape editing and non-linear there are a finite number of radical re-inventions of the industry in my lifetime. That’s why I want to get on board with this thing even though there is a vanishingly small chance that I will use it in a professional capacity any time soon.


I was trained at the South Seas Film and Television School in New Zealand. We used VHS machines with burnt in timecode so that we could ‘Online’ onto S-VHS. As I was graduating they got their first NLE. I only touched it once and I can’t remember what it was called.

Then I moved to Hong Kong. My first proper industry job was as a tape librarian. I built a database of all their old stock footage one FilemakerPro2.

Since then I’ve been assistant editor, offline editor, editor, freelance editor, director, senior editor, and I am currently titled Post Production Manager. Mostly, though, I’m an editor.

I’ve made sports shows, corporate videos, documentaries and commercials. I’ve made DVDs, Flash Games, screensavers and and iPhone App. I’ve worked on my own, for other individuals, in teams and for at least one really big media conglomerate.

And you know what?

After all that I still feel like I haven’t seen a fraction of what this industry has to offer.

So please, If you think I’m talking nonsense, assume that I am and tell me so.



Drinking the Kool-Aid

To be completely up front I do not yet love the new FCPX. Or the upgrade to Motion. Compressor seems to be about the same if a little more bubblegum-esque.

This blog is intended to be about the journey as much as the destination. I hope to give an honest account of my deliberate decision to learn these products, figure them out and, hopefully pass on some useful information to other people putting in the flight miles on these strange, new creatures.

The road may be long, Grasshopper, and it might be dangerous (probably not) but I do believe that this mad plan of Apple’s will be important in the future of Post Production. When the day comes I plan on being ready.