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Let’s call it… Co-operation!

There’s a strong declaration of intent over at CrumplePop¬†where they explain why they have tied themselves to the mast of FCPX. In particular they are predicting that everybody will be over the fear of change and the learning curve (and the bug fixes) within a year. That’s pretty bold.

Call me skittish but right now I don’t even know if I will have done a ‘Day Job’ Job on FCPX by then.
Probably. But not likely enough to bet the everybody will be doing it.

Motion, on the other hand, is a different case.

Turns out my mum is reading this (hi mum) so I’ll explain. Motion is the tool for making text, images and all that magicky stuff fly around on the screen. Like PowerPoint but better.

There are three reasons why I will be using the new version of Motion in ‘combat’ conditions long before I take that chance on Final Cut Pro.
1. It hasn’t changed as much.
2. It runs 64-bit which is more efficient and that’s a bigger deal for this kind of work.
3. It over-writes the old version when you install it.

Number three means that I’ve been working with it today at the office. I could re-install the old one but that would be a hassle I could avoid.

Here, then, are my first impressions:
Doesn’t play well with Final Cut Studio 7 – Roundtripping is just broken but I never really trusted roundtripping before.
Fast but erratic – works, renders and plays back quickly and well. Then it kinda freezes up for thirty seconds for no particular reasons. I had a couple of crashes but I didn’t loose any work to speak of. Some of the controls were kind of twitchy.
Not immune to the Apple mind control juggernaut – I spent a few minutes looking for the export command. Apparently we ‘share’ everything now. Because nothing says Pro User like a Sesame St reference. It’s all very friendly and stuff but it’s one of those changes where Apple has actively asserted something and it has no clear benefit for the user. Therefore you can only assume that it is more valuable to their master plan.
Fortunately the default keyboard short-cut is still command-E so you can think export even while you’re sharing.


Drinking the Kool-Aid

To be completely up front I do not yet love the new FCPX. Or the upgrade to Motion. Compressor seems to be about the same if a little more bubblegum-esque.

This blog is intended to be about the journey as much as the destination. I hope to give an honest account of my deliberate decision to learn these products, figure them out and, hopefully pass on some useful information to other people putting in the flight miles on these strange, new creatures.

The road may be long, Grasshopper, and it might be dangerous (probably not) but I do believe that this mad plan of Apple’s will be important in the future of Post Production. When the day comes I plan on being ready.